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My unique wearable art pendants are hand cut out of second use china dishes.  The edges are sanded smooth, set with a high strength jewelry epoxy, and finished with a complimentary cement grout border.  There are a minimum of twelve steps in the process and the finished pieces have a wonderful contrast between the delicate china and the industrial nature of grout. 
The desire to use recycled materials comes from my belief that our everyday items have a second life -   the challenge, and fun, is in finding out what that is.  I love the process of taking cracked, broken or cast off objects and turning them into functional and beautiful pieces.  From a young age,  I observed my grandmother as she salvaged seemingly useless things, turning each into a creative endeavor by of pair of well worn hands that never kept still and I am now happily repeating her habits.
Because the china is repurposed the availability of each design is limited, and no two pieces are the same, which means that the available patterns will be ever changing.  All bezels except for the belt buckles are gold or silver plated base metal; chains and findings range from sterling silver and gold-filled to base metal mesh depending upon the style; all earwires are sterling silver or gold-filled/vermeil.
Note: Not all lines may be available for wholesale and new styles are added regularly.

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Darcy Thompson 
Seattle, Washington