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  A Bewick's Wren feeding its young

Unfortunately this shape of birdhouse is no longer available.



Artcycled Mosaics

All bird houses have a base of terra cotta and are designed to hang from a tree branch or a hook.  They are designed for our "little brown birds"  such as chickadees and wrens, as you can see by the picture.

Each mosaic birdhouse is made by hand in a traditional mortar and grout process and then sealed and are designed to be used out of doors.  They are easy to clean with a standard garden hose and/or vinegar and water.   They should be brought indoors during the winter if there is any chance of freezing.  


Contact me for pricing and other information.

Other birdhouses may be available, please inquire.  Please click on the image to see an enlargement and a description of each piece.

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